Camilla’s £51.5m dowry Apartments and office center in London for the middle daughter of the Kazakh copper king

Camilla Kim, the middle daughter of businessman Vladimir Kim , purchased an entire building in Mayfair, one of the most expensive areas of London. According to documents, this purchase cost her £10 million (5.6 billion tenge).

The office building with a useful area of about 430 m² is officially owned by Sovereign Hospitality Private Ltd. The transaction was completed on January 19, 2022, and for the first few months another company, London West Property Ltd, was listed as the buyer. At the same time, the sole owner of London West Property Ltd. was Camilla Kim herself. On March 27, 2023, Vladimir Kim’s daughter became the direct owner of Sovereign Hospitality Private Ltd.

The building is located at 6 Queen Street. The office center is located in the historically protected area of Mayfair - the business center of London, where many residential buildings have been converted into commercial real estate. The area is home to the headquarters of many large corporations, hedge funds and embassies. Mayfair has the highest concentration of five-star hotels in London.

The house itself is also listed as a historical landmark and is protected by law. The building was built in 1780, but shortly before the sale it underwent a complete reconstruction into category A offices. The house has six floors (including underground), and there is a private terrace on the roof.

One of the sales notices states that the property could be redeveloped from commercial to residential if the appropriate permits are obtained.

Surprisingly, an entire house in London, albeit converted into offices, officially cost Camilla Kim much less than her apartments in the British capital. “Exit to the Sea” has already talked about how Camilla Kim received two apartments on the fifth floor of The Knightsbridge Apartments, which is located in London’s Knightsbridge district, for her 18th birthday. Two objects with a total area of about 300 m² cost the girl £14 million.

But this figure is relatively modest, because the same Camilla Kim owns an apartment in the One Hyde Park residence - in a building that is called the most expensive in the world by price per square meter. Housing in an elite residence cost her £27.5 million in 2017.

Purchasing business real estate for relatives is a reasonable strategy in the case of Vladimir Kim. Recently, one of his companies, the gold mining company Baimskaya, operating in Chukotka in Russia, came under American sanctions.

In Great Britain itself, Vladimir Kim was included in Labor member Margaret Hodge’s “list of kleptocrats . ” For a long time, this list lay without movement, since the Conservative government was in power. But the country holds elections on July 4, with Labor predicted to take a historic majority in parliament.


Camilla’s views of Hyde Park

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How Vladimir Kim’s middle daughter received a $60 million coming-of-age gift

Access to the Sea managed to find three apartments in central London belonging to Camilla Kim, the middle daughter of businessman Vladimir Kim. All of them are located in fashionable residences in the very center of the British capital near Hyde Park: two in the same building and on the same floor and the third in a residence nearby, and the latter complex of buildings is considered the most expensive apartment building in the world.

Vladimir Kim made his fortune from the sale of mineral resources: now the businessman owns a third part of KAZ Minerals PLC, more than two-thirds he owns Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, a majority stake in Bank RBK, he invests in media - for example, the Tan television and radio company.

According to Forbes, Vladimir Kim’s net worth as of December 2020 was $4.1 billion - he is number one on the list of the richest people in Kazakhstan and number two on the list of the most influential.

Its main asset, the Kazakhmys group, was created on the basis of the Soviet enterprise Zhezkazgantsvetmet in 1992. Initially, shares in it belonged to the state (80%) and the enterprise staff. In the mid-90s, the state share was transferred to the Korean corporation Samsung on an ownership basis, then passed into the possession of the current shareholders.

Kazakhmys has been repeatedly associated with the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. So, before the company’s listing on the London Stock Exchange, Global Witness, an international non-governmental organization aimed at combating human rights violations by countries exporting natural resources, published a report in which it suggests the president’s significant influence on the Kazakhsmys group. In particular, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP Vladimir Ni ( we wrote about his family’s assets in France) worked for a long time in senior positions in the presidential administration.

Nursultan Nazarbayev’s brother Bolat was on the board of directors of Kazakhmys in 2004, before listing in London, and Vladimir Kim himself was on the political council of the ruling Nur Otan party. He also led the Karaganda regional branch of Nazarbayev’s Republican Public Election Headquarters in the 2005 campaign.

Apartments near Adal’s London headquarters

In January 2017, Camilla Kim turned 18 years old. In the same year in October, on the same day, she received ownership of two apartments on the fifth floor of The Knightsbridge Apartments, which is located in the Knightsbridge area of London.

The first, cheaper one, cost her £6 million, the second - £8 million, so the total purchase price was £14 million.

“Exit to the Sea” has already written about this house: an apartment in it on the eighth floor was bought by a company owned by the family of the chairman of the Odal party, Serik Sultangaliev. Sultangaliev’s wife and daughter bought the apartment two years earlier than Camilla Kim - in 2015 - and it is significantly cheaper, £5.2 million.

The parameters of both of Kim’s apartments are unknown, but right now you can look at properties that are similar in price. For £7.2 million - more expensive than Camilla Kim’s smaller apartment, but cheaper than the larger one - a three-bedroom residence with three bedrooms (each with its own bathroom and toilet), a large living room and kitchen is being sold. The total area of this apartment is about 160 square meters.

That is, the area of Camilla Kim’s two neighboring apartments in this residence can be estimated at no less than 300 m².

Extracts from the real estate register

Extracts from the real estate register for apartments in The Knightsbridge Apartments

Living in the most expensive house in the world

Knightsbridge is located in the heart of London, in close proximity to Buckingham Palace. In 2011, the One Hyde Park residence was completed right next to Hyde Park - this complex of buildings is called “the most expensive in the world” in terms of price per square meter. The cost of apartments there reaches hundreds of millions of pounds.

“It has great views of Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. One Hyde Park offers luxury London living at its best,” realtors advertise the residential complex.

Residence One Hyde Park

Residence One Hyde Park“As you approach, you notice that you are being scanned by security guards in bowler hats, who look like the team in charge of guarding a military base, not an apartment building in central London,” an anonymous Business Insider writer described the building.

The same author emphasized that this building is “a manifestation of a class that considers itself separated from the rest of society and is happy to live in isolation from it.”

Camilla Kim registered ownership of an apartment in this complex in June 2017. In addition to the housing itself, the property also includes a parking space and a wine cellar - these are separate premises on the underground levels. The apartment is located on the third floor of building B.

Extract from the real estate register

Extract from the property register for an apartment in One Hyde ParkThe cost of this property is £27.5 million. As in the case of the first apartment, Access to the Sea does not have specific parameters of the apartment, and can only be compared with similar-priced properties for sale.

Even one-room apartments in this house have an area of about 100 m². Three- and four-bedroom apartments are selling for £16 million to £28 million.

Camilla Kim’s apartment is also located on the third floor, but in building B

Camilla Kim’s apartment is also located on the third floor, but in building BHere is the plan of the apartment on the third floor in building D: four bedrooms (each equipped with its own bathroom and toilet), kitchen, dining room, living room of almost 60 m² and a terrace. The total area of such an apartment is almost 365 m².

But that is not all. In addition to a 21-metre swimming pool, private spa, saunas, squash court and cinema, residents also benefit from 24-hour staff at the nearby Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

This brings the total value of the three properties to £41.5 million, or about $58 million.