Chronicles of Change: TIME's Century-Long Exploration of Climate Change in Coverage

"TIME's Century-Long Journey: Unveiling the Inaugural TIME100 Climate List"

In the chronicles of TIME's extensive coverage, the exploration of climate-related themes dates back to 1938 when editors pondered the sun's potential as a future energy source. By 1939, TIME recognized the early signs of a warming planet, marking the beginning of the publication's engagement with the evolving narrative of climate change. In 1953, TIME foresaw the impact of a growing "invisible blanket" of greenhouse gases on the Earth's temperature, predicting a steady increase.

The term "climate change" as we recognize it today found its way into TIME's lexicon in 1988 when the editors named the "Endangered Planet" as the Person of the Year. This landmark project featured a 33-page special issue, an iconic cover by artist Christo, and a global conference that brought together experts, even from the Soviet Union.

Over the years, TIME journalists have continued to contribute significantly to the climate narrative. In 2023, in collaboration with TIMECO2, the publication launched initiatives such as the TIMECO2 Earth Awards, gathering influential sustainability leaders, and the TIMECO2 Leadership Brief newsletter, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers weekly. The TIMECO2 Advisory Council and the TIMECO2 Futures series, a solutions journalism platform, further demonstrate TIME's commitment to inspiring climate action.

Today, climate leadership is woven into the fabric of TIME's coverage. However, recognizing the need to spotlight individuals steering climate action, TIME introduces the inaugural TIME100 Climate list. At a pivotal juncture preceding the 2023 U.N. Climate Change Conference, TIME aims to gather the TIME100 Climate leaders—a community poised to shape the discourse around climate action during this crucial global event.

"TIME100 Climate: A Manifesto for a Sustainable Future"

In the unveiling of the TIME100 Climate, it transcends being a mere list; it becomes a powerful testament to how we envision the future. This initiative is a deliberate recognition of those forging a connection between climate action and business value, underlining the belief that true progress for the planet will emerge through the active engagement and leadership of the business world.

The meticulous curation of this list reflects a commitment to encapsulating the latest economic and scientific ideologies. TIME's selection process focuses on individuals driving change in five pivotal areas: energy, nature, finance, culture, and health. Reporters, editors, and TIMECO2 collaborators embarked on a quest for measurable and scalable achievements, prioritizing recent actions that significantly contribute to the fight against climate change while creating tangible business value.

Among the distinguished individuals on the TIME100 Climate list, notable figures include Jennifer Holmgren, the scientist and entrepreneur propelling LanzaTech's development of synthetic liquid fuels; Stella McCartney, the fashion designer scaling sustainable materials in the fashion industry; Shemara Wikramanayake, CEO of Macquarie, orchestrating a monumental shift away from coal projects; and Bhavish Aggarwal, leading Ola Electric's strides in developing low-cost electric scooters in India.

The aspiration behind the TIME100 Climate is to create a lasting impact, envisioning that, decades from now, it will stand as a watershed moment in TIME's legacy—an integral chapter in the ongoing narrative of the planet that underscores TIME's unwavering commitment to comprehensive and transformative coverage.

"TIME100 Climate: Pioneering a Legacy for a Sustainable Tomorrow"

In the launch of TIME100 Climate, what emerges is not just a list but a profound manifesto for a sustainable future. Beyond mere recognition, it stands as a testament to TIME's commitment to shaping the discourse around climate action and business value. This initiative boldly asserts that the nexus between climate consciousness and corporate leadership is the bedrock of genuine planetary progress.

Assembled with meticulous care, the TIME100 Climate represents a convergence of economic and scientific thinking, spotlighting individuals who navigate change across critical realms—energy, nature, finance, culture, and health. Each figure on this list embodies measurable, scalable achievements, emphasizing recent actions that propel significant strides in the fight against climate change while concurrently creating tangible business value.

From Jennifer Holmgren's advancements in synthetic liquid fuels to Stella McCartney's sustainable fashion revolution, from Shemara Wikramanayake's monumental shift in asset management to Bhavish Aggarwal's transformative work in electric mobility, the TIME100 Climate encapsulates a diverse array of trailblazers driving change across industries.

As TIME looks forward, the creation of TIME100 Climate is poised to be a watershed moment, a legacy that will echo through the years, symbolizing TIME's enduring dedication to comprehensive and transformative coverage of the planet's most pressing challenges. This initiative not only celebrates the leaders of today but aims to inspire a collective effort that will resonate for decades—a rallying cry for a sustainable tomorrow.